About Us

Arthur & Ryan are Entrepreneurs with Ideas. Monolithic Art is one of them. Check out Trail Roulette.


Now you can take a picture or video with one of these mysterious Monoliths anywhere in the world with your phone using Augmented Reality.
Interactive Controls

Pinch, Zoom, Rotate, Resize, Walk behind, in front or anywhere around the Monolith.

Take a Photo or Video

Just open the app and it will open your camera, after providing camera permission, you will be able to take a photo or video by tapping on the screen and it will open up controls.

Share with your Friends

The photo or video will be added to your photo stream. Share it with your friends, get outside, enjoy being outside and capture the Mysterious Monolith without actually disturbing nature.

Mysterious Monolith Spottings

Tag us with #monolithicart on social media to have yours featured here and on our social media pages.


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Available for Apple and Android.

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